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                                               DEER PROCESSING

          We support the FARMERS & HUNTERS FEEDING THE HUNGRY (FHFH) Program
                         Accepting your Deer Donation for FHFH thru Bow & Gun Season

STANDARD PROCESSING*                   
Includes Cutting, Boning, Grinding, Wrapping, & Freezing                        $110.00
Steaks, Roasts, Tenderloins (whole or boneless butterflied chops),
Ground (straight, or with Beef, Pork, or Bacon added**)
***Your deer receives a number when it is checked in, that number follows your deer
thru the Standard Processing, so you are assured to receive ALL YOUR OWN DEER back.

SAVE PROCESSING FEE of $110.00 and bring in your deer meat off the bone, we can make all of our delicious Summer Sausages, Snack Sticks & Jerky (whole muscle meat, from the hind or tenderloin)

SKINNING  $25.00 or CAPING  $40.00 (for head mount, must be picked up soon after caping) If skinning your own deer, please leave the backleg tendons intact so we may hang your deer when it arrives.
CLEANING CHARGE (if needed)  $15.00 & up
Please bring your deer in with all the organs and insides cleaned out, otherwise we will charge a cleaning charge at our discretion. If you are bringing in your deer already skinned, please spray your deer off to get hair and debris off.
(We have a right to refuse any dirty deer or dirty meat)

           Processing Fees:
VENISON SUMMER SAUSAGE**  (approx. 3 lb. stick)
     REGULAR or HOT                                                               $2.00/lb.
     With CHEDDAR CHEESE                                                   $2.50/lb.
     With JALAPENOS & CHEDDAR CHEESE                        $3.00/lb.
     With PEPPERJACK CHEESE                                            $3.00/lb.
HUNTER'S STICK**  Trail Bologna (approx. 3 lb. stick)      
     REGULAR                                                                           $2.00/lb.
     With JALAPENOS & CHEDDAR CHEESE                       $3.00/lb.
VENISON SNACK STICKS**  (approx. 1 1/2 lb. packs)       
     REGULAR or HOT                                                             $3.00/lb.
     With CHEDDAR CHEESE                                                 $3.50/lb.
     With JALAPENOS & CHEDDAR CHEESE                      $4.00/lb.
     With PEPPERJACK CHEESE                                          $4.00/lb.
VENISON BREAKFAST SAUSAGE**  (2 lb. pks)                 $1.50/lb.
VENISON BRATWURST** (6/pk)                                           $3.00/lb.
**TRIM ADDED (added to all sausages & snx stx)             $3.00/lb.
**BACON ADDED(grounds, burgers, breakfast sausage) $5.00/lb.(10 lb. min)
VENISON BURGERS (ground made into 1/3 lb. patties)     $1.00/lb.(10 lb. min)
VENISON JERKY (Whole Muscle, from the hinds or tenderloins)
     REGULAR, HOT, or Teriyaki   (raw weight)                   $3.99/lb.

We also accept your deer meat trimmed off the bone too. No "standard" processing charge for boneless meat. If you bring meat in for Jerky, please remember, we need whole pieces, from the hind leg or tenderloins.
Keep all products frozen or refrigerated until ready to use. We don't add any preservatives to any of our products. Jerky is best kept frozen, until ready to eat.

For SAFTY, PLEASE ADVISE US if there is an arrowhead in your deer.

Because we are so busy this time of year, our freezer space is limited. We request you to pick up your order within 7DAYS of notification. A $2. per day storage fee applies after the 7th day.
                We are a CUSTOM PROCESSOR, we DO NOT SELL VENISON
                         All of us at FORT DEFIANCE MEATS WISH YOU A
                                SAFE & HAPPY HUNTING EXPERIENCE!
                              We appreciate your business, THANK YOU!